'Stuff' or 'belongings' in Malay, also meaning freight. Khemer, means 'French'. In Thai, a similar sounding ‘farang’ is used for 'stranger' or 'foreigner', 'white person', but also used to describe things that are imported. Filipino, Cebuano Language, it means 'mythology' and 'magic' or 'malignant sorcery'.

Barang-Barang (title of exhibition) continues my interest in ‘minor’ histories, and a process of entanglement that the making of a work can foster. The project is about drawing lines between disparate moments in time, individuals and geographical locations so as to find new positions and perspectives not just on the specifics of these histories and individuals but the way in which we might understand larger or more known/received histories. The film focuses on 4 female artists who are brought together in filmic space to discuss and explore aspects of their lives. Historically there is no evidence (yet) that these four women have ever met, but the premise is to imagine their possible conversations and interaction as artists, and as women. Methodologies include scripting from archival material, mediated materials and through a process of improvisation. The artists in focus are Dora Gordine (1885 Latvia, 1991 London), Georgette Chen (1906 Paris/China, 1993 Singapore ), Kim Lim (1936 Singapore, 1997 London) and Fay Tan (1940 Hertfordshire UK, 2005 Singapore). Archives and collections sourced include National Gallery Singapore, Dorich House Archives, personal archives.