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Faint and Beacon are both responses to Margate Mementoes a project exploring Margate's diverse communities and recent migrants, concepts of audience or spectatorship and the nature of collaborative working methods. In Beacon, the artist sought to explore the nature of identity through creating a participatory work which strove for a moment in time to cut across the multiple divides between artist and audience and more widespread cultural and social fragmentations. Working with Margate Coastguards, the BA digital media students and staff from Canterbury Christchurch College, The Yacht Club and several residents from Arlington house, Beacon was performed and recorded on a dark windy night on the sea front.


Format: Audience participatory event / later documentation 4 channel video

Duration: 4 hours

Commissioned by: Turner Contemporary, Margate. As part of Margate Mementoes an audience development research project with Judith Stewart, Sonia Boyce and Erika Tan

Shown at: The event was enacted on Margate’s seafront 

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