Installation using sound, video projection, Chintz wallpaper, bird cages, tea chests, tea, lavender essence, Asian bird song

Initially developed as a site responsive work which focussed on the Victorian history of the building and associated Victorian ‘taste’ in Chinoiserie. 


The title 'Chintz' referenced the particular wallpaper design found in the Manor. The resultant piece was sited within the drawing room space in Pitshanger Manor Museum.

This current work (various formations: Chintz, From China to Chintz, 'east' in East International, Norwich Art Gallery) strives to keep a narrow balance between revealing and obscuring information, history and meaning: a balance that navigates a path between beauty and pain; the atmospheric and the real; the poetic and the literal. A work that rests on histories of translation, its inclusion in Juncture (Cape Town Jan/Feb 2001, London May 2001) will further tax its readings. 



Empire & I, Pitshanger Manor, Ealing Broadway, London. Axiom Gallery, Cheltenham. 1999.

East International, Norwich Art Gallery, 2000. Selected by Keith Piper and Sebastian Lopez.

Juncture, Cape Town, South Africa and Studio Voltaire, London, 2001.

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