FLOW / 2019

FLOW was a 3 day series of events, performances, talks, and screenings, initiated by Erika Tan in association with Researchers-in-Residence Bettina Fung & Ada Hao, and founding members of the Asia Art Activism Network resident in Raven Row, London.


Screenings from the ‘archive’ and beyond: Mediated Materials. Selected by Erika Tan, the programme focused on extending ideas developed from two of her early works that take the idea of 'journeys' to China to think about distance, time, archives and mediation. Erika screened the works of Dinu Li, Chun-yu Liu, susan pui san lok alongside Journeys of Remembrance (2008) and Shot Through (2008) as a form of palimsestic production - forcing connections between works through their simultaneous projection. 


Circulations was a series of presentations and discussion convened by Erika Tan, which utilised ideas of ‘circulating’ to connect ideas around agency, archives, economic status, and art world movements. Including Cuong Pham, Fyerool Darma, Nie Xiaoyi and Pasaway Sari Sari Store (Chi Bagtas and Glo Orpilla).

Day 3: LIVE #1:  Contract With the Skin

Contract with the Skin was an afternoon of performances and durational actions. It comprised a gathering of performance artists, each presenting work in a shared space, one after the other, sometimes overlapping, merging beginnings and endings. With their body as archive and site of action, across space and time, they came individually and worked collectively. Identity is only a placeholder for the wide range of individual practices and research that investigate across themes of racial and social justice, gender and sexual politics, body and material, voice and sound, public engagement and social experiment. Curated by Ada Has and Bettina Fung. 

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