Paralogical Machines / 2019

Paralogical Machines: When Images Meet Us in Space and Time. Wei-Ling Contemporary, KL, Malaysia.

Wei-Ling Contemporary is pleased to announce its first exhibition of the year, ‘Paralogical Machines: When Images Meet Us in Space and Time’, a new media exhibition presenting some of Europe’s and Southeast Asia’s leading media artists. We live in this time and this space, yet we think of art works as being outside of time and from a different space. We look at paintings and photographs as if we are looking out the window to another world different from ours. The works in ‘Paralogical Machines’ come down from the frame and expect to engage with us in our world. They meet us to create a dialog with us. They do not explain, but rather question. As Marcel Duchamp said a work is complete until it is seen by an audience. We are as much the focus of the show as any work is. We believe that art must be conversational with and for the viewer or else it loses significance. The works in this show present us with questions of how we perceive our experiences through different contexts, be it how we experience history, our dream states or just how we encounter what we take for granted in daily life. By putting these objects and artefacts into new perspective we hope that new question will be raised and that you will find your own answers.

The exhibiting artists are internationally known artists whose works have been shown in  biennales, exhibitions and museums around the world. They are Charles Lim, Erika Tan, Kenneth Feinstein, Rajinder Singh, Tintin Wulia, Nye Thompson vs. UBERMORGEN, and the All Women’s Networked Jam Session (AWNJS)*. The exhibition includes new works as well as pieces shown in international venues such as the Venice Biennale and the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

© Erika Tan 2020
The 'Forgotten' Weaver / Malaysia