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A Dialogue STILL In The Making: 2002/2018


‘A Dialogue Still In The Making (2002/2018)’ is a collaborative work between artists Bettina Fung and Erika Tan. It includes the voices of their peers from two points in time, separated by 16 years. The conversations focus on each artist’s questions around the framing of art production and their own lived experiences. These questions have shaped and continue to inform the dialogues that take place in real time and through the process of editing, have resulted in this publication.

‘A Dialogue In The Making’ (2002) was part of a presentation ‘Flights-Fights, Connections-Corruptions’, written and presented by Erika Tan at the Arts Council England, British Council and London Arts Board’s ‘Connecting Flights: New Culture of Diaspora’ conference, London 2002. The voices and words represent conversations and contributions by Anthony Key, Anthony Lam, susan pui san lok, and Mayling To.

Bettina Fung’s texts were written in response to ‘A Dialogue In The Making’ (2002) and created out of conversations and discussions during her research residency at Asia-Art-Activism Research Network (Raven Row) in 2018. The voices and words represent conversations and contributions by Ada Hao, July Yang, Parinot Kunakornwong, Nicholas Tee, Jia Qi Quek, Korinna Veropoulou, Mengting Zhuo, Kimvi Nguyen, Carô Gervay, Jade Chao, Yuxin Jiang, Que Chan, Richard Chung, Michelle Loa Kum Cheung and Howl Yuan.

Bettina Fung is a Hong Kong born British-Chinese artist, based in London. She is currently taking part in Syllabus IV, an alternative peer led artist development programme.

Erika Tan is an artist, curator and lecturer, based in the UK and originally from Singapore. She teaches on the B.A Fine Art programme in Central Saint Martins and is currently the Stanley Picker Fellow in Fine Art.

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