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And, Now China. Ctrl+P Special Edition

journal / 2008

Co-edited by Erika Tan and Judy Freya Sibayan. 'And Now China?', is a special print edition of the Ctrl+P journal, which critically responded to the celebratory rhetoric’s of ‘China Now’ and other celebratory markers of China's global ascent in 2008.

CTRL+P No.11 includes texts, images and artworks by Kelly Baum, Jonathan Beller, Thomas J. Berghuis, David Cross, Katy Deepwell, Sonya Dyer, Patrick D. Flores, Oscar Ho Hing-kay, Lee Wen, Lee Weng Choy, Ken Lum, Andrew Maerkle, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Marian Pastor Roces, Neferti X. M. Tadiar, Erika Tan, Eliza Tan, Saskia Sassen, Neil Stewart, and Caroline Turner.

Ctrl+P Journal of Contemporary Art was founded in 2006 by Judy Freya Sibayan and Fluadette May V. Datuin as a response to the dearth of art publications in the Philippines. It is produced in Manila and published on the Web with zero funding. Contributors write gratis for Ctrl+P. It is circulated as a PDF via the Net. Ctrl+P provides a testing ground for a whole new culture and praxis of publishing that addresses very specifically the difficulties of publishing art writing and criticism in the Philippines. It took part in the Documenta 12 Magazines project, a journal of 97 journals from all over the world


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