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empire and i

exhibition catalogue / 1999

Published by Terra Incognito on the occasion of the exhibition in Pitshanger Manor, London. Including essays by Juliette Brown and Catherine Hall.

"London, 22 January–13 March 1999Empire and I is an exhibition of nine visual artists, who, in the words of its press release, ʻhave been commissioned to respond to the impact of colonial thought and history on contemporary ideas of “race” and nation.ʼ in Pitshanger Manor, Ealing, West London – which, as the guide book will tell you, is the historic home of John Soane (1753–1837) ʻarchitect and surveyorʼ to the Bank of England from 1788 to 1833 – Empire and I attempts to challenge a British cultural heritage laced with colonial racism from within its heartlands. Indeed, surveying the work and its attendant theorization, Empire and Iʼs relation to its site is typical of a strategy of immanent critique, of an attempt to uncover the excluded at the source of its exclusion." - Stewart Martin.

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