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exhibition catalogue / 2001

Catalogue for the exhibition in the Granary, Cape Town, SA.

Juncture, the title of this group show, is defined as a "joining; place where things join; a concurrence of events; a state of affairs". It is co-curated by Robyn Denny and Frances Goodman, and as well as their work, it includes work by Don Bury, Moshekwa Langa, Harold Offeh, Ben Pruskin, Robin Rhode, Bernie Searle and Erika Tan. These nine artists represent a diverse collection of practice, positioning, and politics and the common theme is the investigation into notions of identity made by each artist within their own specific context. Particular emphasis is given to the gendered body, racial myths, personal phobias and urban youth culture.

The notion of the exhibition as a meeting place/crossroads of cultural expression at a particular point in time is addressed. This theme is further explored as the exhibition moves from Cape Town to London where it will show at Studio Voltaire. It seeks to instigate a debate on the repositioning of South African artists within an international context and to facilitate a creative dialogue between Cape Town and London. The exhibition will be accompanied by a full colour catalogue, including a critical essay by Jacqui Nolte as well as a statement by each artist.

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