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persistent visions

project publication / 2010

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Persistent Visions I Erika Tan held on 4 September 2009 - 3 February 2010, NUS Museum, Singapore and 15 October 2009 - 30 March 2010, Vargas Museum, the Philippines.

This catalogue accompanies Persistent Visions (2005), a 24-minute three-channel video installation by Erika Tan, presented at both the NUS Museum, Singapore and the Vargas Museum, Manila. Produced entirely from fragments of films the artist selected from The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum archives, it grew out of her "desire to create an interpretative space, activate personalized readings, allowing for the failure of comprehension and to compromise and make difficult, total consumption". By distancing each fragment from a specific context, Tan is attempting to take them "away from servicing of narrated histories...specific ideologies". AAA:


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