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On display are fragments of objects from a previous exhibition titled Come Cannibalise Us, Why Don’t You? / Sila Mengakanibalkan Kami, Mahu Tak?, a project that was conceived as Erika Tan’s study and response to National University of Singapore Museum’s 2011 exhibition ‘Camping And Tramping Through The Colonial Archive: The Museum in Malaya’. Tan acts to remobilized the documents that symbolized and characterize the growing ambivalence to the ethnographic museum. Through utilising and cannibalising the historical object, Tan contextualises colonialism not as a stagnant history, but as a contaminated history, ready for reimagining and re-contextualising.


Curated by: Josephine Legrand, Oisin Prendergast Knight and Chloe Ting

The Victorian Vitrine is a project run by Andy Marsh from the Curating, Criticism and Culture Programme, CSM.


The display was part of Museological Mediums and Cannibalistic Methods symposium and book launch.: for further information click here.

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