A project curated by Erika Tan


Larry Achiampong / Song-Ming Ang / Barby Asante / Chi Bagtas / Yason Banal / Libita Clayton & Benjamin One / Lizza May David / Kimathi Donkor / bani haykal / Annie Jael Kwan & Lynn Lu / Anthony Lam / susan pui san lok / Adam Patterson / Geetanjali Sayal & Juhi Saklani & Anshul Kapoor / Sunil Shah / Michael Taiwo / Tintin Wulia / Abbas Zahedi


September to November 26th 2017. Venice, Italy


Sonic Soundings / Venice Trajectories is a form of intervention, a sonic counterpart to the 57th Venice Biennale. The practice in nautical or navigational charting where a sonic signal is released in anticipation of an echo is used as a metaphor to (re)map the Biennale through fluid encounters, borderless connections and archipelagic thinking.


The project, mediated through an app, frames the National Pavilions and other projects as a constellation of islands, whose connections, both visible and under the radar, are articulated as sound reverberating in the alleyways, canals, campi, palazzi and pavilions. Whether diasporic, anti-state, trans-national, interpersonal, or inter-galactic these sonic objects seeded across Venice, echo and resonate, intervening into art world spheres, gated routes, daily life, and the geography of the city. 


Contributors come from across Europe and Asia and reflect a diverse approach to Venice, the Biennale, the current global crisis over borders and citizenship, but also to the medium of sound. Soundscapes, audio walking guides, narrative encounters and acoustic interventions, all reminders of the ability of sound to both permeate and articulate space, and redefine meaning and representation.


Sonic Soundings / Venice Trajectories is a geo-locational sound tour and is experienced in Venice via ‘ECHOES’ a free app downloaded onto listeners’ smartphones. To find out more and to download the app please visit the website: www.sonicsoundings.com


The project is curated by Erika Tan, with design and technical support by Benjamin Chan & Malone Chen. 

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Sonic Soundings / Venice Trajectories