Stanley Picker Fine Art Fellowship / 2019/20

The fellowship is on-going, supporting a range of research and development, in particular new video work, live action, animation, and developing a series of object based coconut fibre explorations, alongside the stretching of performative approaches to making work along the lines of chance, and 'random' connections. The fellowship will end with a solo exhibition in Stanley Picker Gallery of Barang-Barang - a multi-work exhibition which explores the form of exhibition and art history making.

The Fellowship has also supported a period of activity around the archiving of my mothers work. This has been explored through a series of displays and re-making of her work.

Additional events have included an Open Studio titled 'Coconuts are Independent Travellers' where chance connections made with artist Mita and musician Tat, resulted in a day of coconut themed explorations.​​


Residency information - download

Open Studio information - download