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Come cannibalise us, why don’t you? /
Sila mengkanibalkan kami, mahu tak? / 2013-14

Works include archival and museum objects; sound works, photographic works; assemblages, publication and video works. Selected video works include:

"Emerging from an ongoing discussion between NUS Museum curators and artist Erika Tan since 2009 about the multitudinous potentials of the museumised object, the colloquially titled ‘Come cannibalise us, why don’t you?’ is an artist's response that re-visits through re-use, re-enactment and repatriation, the artefacts and writings from, and referenced in, the exhibition Camping and Tramping Through The Colonial Archive: The Museum in Malaya (2011-2013).  In addition, newer artworks developed by the artist that include film, objects, and works on paper are shown alongside. The guiding principle being a form of aesthetic cannibalism, speculative in its method and oscillating between formats, the site-specific installation reveals the contingent rules and contextual considerations of the colonial museum in Malaya as it came to be formed in the 19th century and the particular interpretative technologies and translationary mediums that continue to murmur a discourse in the contemporary postcolonial museum of Singapore and in the dis-located South East Asian collections  elsewhere."

NUS Museum 2013-14

Repatriating The Object With No Shadow

Repatriating The Object With No Shadow

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